Vis Olux

by Prometheus Omega

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Prometheus Omega is an international avant-garde/progressive metal act with members from Iceland and Singapore (mostly Iceland). Taking inspiration from an eclectic array of influences ranging from the grinding fury of Agoraphobic Nosebleed to the melancholic subtleties of Opeth, Prometheus Omega aims to integrate and make cohesive these seemingly disjointed elements into monumental masterpieces.

Prepare for an incendiary flurry of anything ranging from grindcore to progressive death metal to ambient to just plain humorous lines and cultural references. Prometheus Omega will cement itself as an avant-garde avant-garde act, and then some.


Man, what a boner killer.
Do you understand?

Zoo hire!

I do that rather well... Don't you think?
No? Then...

Wait, so, I could be w(r)ong, but
I am Kawashima!
And... So we could sit down, like, um...
Talk about, er... Everything, really...
We're discussing... He'd ask me like,
"So, how do you like your cornflakes?
You know, you like them crispy, or
You like them soft?"
And I said, "Well, I like them...
Crispy, crispy, crispy.
You bruised my banana.




released December 27, 2014



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Prometheus Omega Iceland

Prometheus Omega is an Icelandic progressive rock band that aims to redefine avant-garde music with their insane approach that involves butchering the common perception of music and spitting it out till it tastes soft and wet.

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