Strange Fruit Öŕð

by Prometheus Omega

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The mystical third album which mystically happens to be a mystical double album from the mystical PrOmega full of mystical goodness, mystical time signatures and mystical avant-garbage.

1. ExpP.O.E.D. (Promegius Olegius Essezen Disro)
2. Exp69 ( E X P E R I M E N T S I X T ¥ _ N I N E )
3. Expand (astheheavensfellplusman¥more)dong
4. Exp(lg58) (complexit¥insimplicit¥(inchemistr¥[inobscenit¥{indentistr¥}]))
5. exp0(gr0wlsince流域) (wwindowpanekiller)
6. ExpWillLoveThis (Fangmon Is M¥ Favourite Poke¥ Mans)
7. ExpSalt (Downer.).
8. Thedevilish E.x.p. Time(arm)Pit
9. ExpFallopianTubes (Smegma - The Unwanted Product of Pleasure)
10. ExpxXMONSTERUSXx (The Monstrance Clock of The Monstrous Cock of The Monstrous Gerill)
11. The Clapping

1. Exp3 {Exp3 [Exp3 (Exp3 <Exp3 -Exp3 *Exp3 _Exp3 &Exp3 ~Exp3 ^Exp3 ?Exp3 !Exp3 /Exp3 \Exp3 %Exp3 ;Exp3 $Exp3$;%\/!?^~&_*->)]} (Exp3^18)
2. ExpSelva (Magic Off ¥ourself)
3. Exp69 (Exercises in Futilit¥ VII)
4. Exp(sin45) (¥ouareshockmeineededasurprisemotherfucker)
5. ExpShart (thetrancestatesof宇)
6. ExpEdge (a fen umbra cvlt ka¥o =proMEtheus= oMEga)
7. ExpPuciato (Perpetual Black Nipple)
8. ExpWank b¥ Him (Incomplete)
9. ExpPL.AD.exe (Sargentrius Wa¥nius Cancerus ¥atchbattlius)
10. Exph0mage (for windmen) feat. PETA Titgrain
11. Cream of the Crap feat. WHB Solar Iceberg


released March 2, 2017

Stage 4 Testicular Cancer - Oral Pleasures

Funginal Infection - Intensive G-String Fingering

Shitstorm Generator - Drum Machine

Food AIDS - Sexual Foreplay

Wankien Open Air - Akercocke Åkerfellatio

Whoricardo Pleasurtrius - Orgasmo



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Prometheus Omega Iceland

Prometheus Omega is an Icelandic progressive rock band that aims to redefine avant-garde music with their insane approach that involves butchering the common perception of music and spitting it out till it tastes soft and wet.

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Track Name: ExpP.O.E.D. (Promegius Olegius Essezen Disro)
Promegius olegius essezen disro x 69
Track Name: Exp69 ( E X P E R I M E N T S I X T ¥ _ N I N E )
Gone gone lent this gone lent this the
Gone gone gone lent this the gone lent this gone lent this the
Roller in the in the in the the pussy
Gone gone lent this (screeches of agony)
Lent this lent this lent this
Lent this the roller in the know
Do what you want ‘cause a pirate is free etc.
You are a pirate
A pirate
A pirate
Ahhhhhhh ah it couldn’t have been you though you son of a bitch
Gone lent this tear on a
Track Name: Exp (lg58) (complexit¥insimplicit¥(inchemistr¥[inobscenit¥{indentistr¥}]))
Vicinity of obscenity in your ice
Don’t be whores
With wet leech
Calm the horse
With bad heat
Spew the meat
Treat the feat
To the sweet
Milky C
Track Name: Exp0(gr0wlsince流域) (wwindowpanekiller)
Oh! Pained to windows I have killed the jelly.
Track Name: ExpWillLoveThis (Fangmon Is M¥ Favourite Poke¥ Mans)
Need the skills to pay the bills.
Track Name: ExpSalt (Downer.).
The mystery guided the whorenourable far from the tower. They traversed hills and hills of salt, the colours slowly shifting from the greys to a lighter shade that had tinges of cyan. While their journey was lengthy to the point of the three suns crossing to the final quarter of their semi-orbit as perceived from their point on the surface, they conversed not a single word. Einar feared to speak and Ihsahn felt little need to until they vanquished the trouble pressing his mind. Throughout their hike, Ihsahn manned a pair of manispheres that were small enough to be guided between his index finger and thumb. Einar observed in slight wonder as the mystery checked his bearings in a fashion that was most alien, sliding the manispheres from the tip of his index finger to the lowest point of his palm that his thumb could stretch to, going back and forth at varying speeds but without any sudden stumblings. They would always roll perfectly back to the initial position at the tip of the index finger, and sometimes Ihsahn would raise them at exactly 45 degrees to the sky, muttering a stream of digits under his breath. Commonly, he would repeat the numbers 6 and 9, and when the numbers started to veer off into randomness, he would seem to squint and Einar would begin to hear him murmur the two notable digits once again.

Track Name: ExpFallopianTubes (Smegma - The Unwanted Product of Pleasure)
Oho! Oho! Ohovary!
The demons told me to and I’ll fucking do it again.
Magic Man the first, it’s simple and plain.
Fangmon is my favourite Digital Pocket Duel Monster.
Penis injury
For when the flute tastes the wind
Only will the mangasms fully realise themselves
And it is in times of realisation
That we know we are Enslaved to a Dot of Kayo
Are you scribing this down?
These lyrics won’t write themselves!
H-holy crap!!
Arr they writing themselves?
(insert testicular frog screech)
Insert testicular frog screech
Into hymen of Sargentrius Waynius
M*m* (beeped) Frantic Bleeppppp man te fir OOWWW a fforbidden word has appeared
Cancerous in nature is
For the ohhh *burp* put in the burp oh burp put in the burp oh I accidentally burped heh Jizzus Christ the song is almsot ruined can you hury the fuck up and record properly okay I'm sorry I'm sorry I’ll r r esume the singing OOOGH!
Vektor x3
Did Voivod copy Vektorfor everyone knows that Vektor came first NOTHINGFACE!
We are done!
Track Name: ExpxXMONSTERUSXx (The Monstrance Clock of The Monstrous Cock of The Monstrous Gerill)
Ohh ahhh ohhhh oooooo wwaaaa.
Track Name: The Clapping
Thank you very much, everyone, for coming to our concert.
Er, we are Prometheus Omega as you guys know it.
The next song we are performing, er, we know it to be a fan favourite.
It's called "The Clapping".

And now, The Clapping.
Mmm, yeah, baby girl, you know you like that.
Thank you.

Prometheus Omega!
Shartmaster Yu!
Whorenourable Einar Solberg!
Stage IV Testicular Cancer!
Give me cancer!
Food AIDS! x 2
Track Name: ExpSelva (Magic Off ¥ourself)
Inside the caves of shitarmilife
Magic off
Read oooooff the MC oh
Hi Sargentrius Waynius can you give me the magic off
Hi Meme Shawn Julius can you give me the magic off
Thank you for the magic off
Magic off
Magic MC
Give it to me you piece of shit
If you don’t give me that magic off I’m going to slit you in the testicles you piece of crayfish
Track Name: Exp(sin45) (¥ouareshockmeineededasurprisemotherfucker)
You wa shock me, I needed a surprise, motherfucker. Are you follow the signs, we are the dumb faggots. In a cargo box? Faggots. You are shh!
Track Name: ExpEdge (a fen umbra cvlt ka¥o =proMEtheus= oMEga)
Ah, Fen to the cult where you seep the umbra, leap forth into the bowel of the man of jensituity and reap the kek off his scrote.
Track Name: ExpPuciato (Perpetual Black Nipple)
A conception to the close inspection is the perpetual.
Track Name: ExpWank b¥ Him (Incomplete)
The Jelly's Power Is the Greatest One
When His and Hers Whoreiest Sucks the Sun
A Temptress Smitten By The Kekkest Force
A Waynius Sucked Dry In Intercourse

The Bitch Hammer
Sucked Her Down
On Our Orgy
She Is Unbound

Tis the night of the bitch
Tis the night of the bitch tonight
But her semen is served
For as long as she wanks by him

Tis the night of the bitch
Tis the night of the bitch tonight
But her semen is served

"All Jelly Comes
From Fongal Lust
Which Is In Waynius Ugliable"

A Kek Shone Bright Above Her Trial
As Jizz Ate Through Her Body Topcucked

The Bitch Hammer
Fucked Her Gown
On Black Stabbath
She Is Still A Whore

'Tis The Night Of The Rich
'Tis The Night Of The Rich Tonight
And The Green Hair Is His For As Long As He Wanks By Her
'Tis The Night Of The Rich
'Tis The Night Of The Rich Tonight
And The Green Hair Is His For As Long As He Wanks By Her
Track Name: Exph0mage (for windmen) feat. PETA Titgrain
Oh, you touch my tralala.
Mmm, my ding ding dong.
Deep in the night I’m looking for some fun, fuck!